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  • R1,155.00
    Chic competition shirt with see-through net fabric from the shoulders up. With Fair Play logo made from strass stones on the chest.
  • R2,595.00R2,959.00

    our new full seat breeches that offer the perfect fit that allows for comfort.

  • R1,322.00

    this stunning jacket with a fairplay embelishment and white ascents.

  • R1,295.00
    • Ladies jacket made of water-repellent softshell
    • Gatailleerd model
    • Side pockets with zipper.
    • Two extra inner pockets.
    • Interesting grip-like silicone print on the elbows.
    • FairPlay logo on the back.
  • R7,455.00

    Made from thin, elastic softshell fabric, the coat is breathable and waterproof making it ideal for all weather conditions. If you’re in the mood for a bit of bling you can adjust the two velour flaps to the decorative studded set, or change them to the plain set for a more subtle look.

    If you want to stand out from the crowd without compromising your comfort and freedom of movement which allows you to perform your best, these are the tails you need!

  • Dressage Jacket Beatrice will make you stand out from your competitors with this absolutely stunning, short dressage jacket from Fair Play. Designed for the feminine figure, the jacket is fastened on the front with two rows of buttons for an improved fit. Decorated with metallic piping and elegant detailing on the back for a stunning look. Everything has been thought of with this jacket including air vents under the arm pits to ensure improved air flow, whilst the flaps are exchangeable to give your jacket a variety of looks.

    Made of a thin, elastic softshell fabric, it’s water resistant and super comfortable to ride in.

  • R3,950.00

    short dressage jacket made of a thin, elastic and water resistant softshell fabric. comes with a pocket square and two pairs of exchangeable flaps. Air vents under the arm pits for improved ventilation.

  • R1,585.00

    With a very feminine long sleeve competition shirt made of a thin, well fitted fabric that is a nessecity  for any competitors wardrobe.The sleeves, bust and back feature with a decorative, floral lace which guarantee excellent breath ability.

  • R795.00

    With breathable and stretchy materiel that allows for comfort and flexibility this is the perfect addition to the competitors mens closet. with stunning black details with the Fairplay logo.

  • R1,155.00

    With breathable and stretchy materiel this stunning mans show shirt is tailored to the perfect fit. The blue ascent and the fairplay emblem makes for a masculine show shirt.



  • Exquisite dressage tail coat of the highest quality, elastic, water resistant softball. Comes with a pocket square and two exchangeable flaps. Air vents under arm pits for improved ventilation.

  • R3,800.00

    Absolute best seller. Light weight helmet which conforms to the current European safety standards. Reliable ventilation and two regulation systems to ensure a perfect fit, with exquisite crushed diamond detail.

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